Do It Yourself Pool Resurfacing is an excellent solution to your pool problems. American Pools Resurfacing sells the products and provides the instructions to resurface your pool yourself.

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The legacy of American Pools Resurfacing was formed over two decades ago when Rick Robinson paired up with world renowned manufacturers and started resurfacing, refinishing, and repairing commercial and residential swimming pools. Today we are a full service owner-operated swimming pool renovation company specializing in commercial pool resurfacing, residential pool resurfacing, pool refinishing, deck resurfacing, custom tile, brick coping and pavers. American Pools Resurfacing also specializes in plumbing and crack repair.

American Pools Resurfacing is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We have over 20 years experience in swimming pool resurfacing and repair. We estimate and then the owner personally oversees each job.


American Pools Resurfacing is an exclusive direct distributor for a world renowned leading manufacturer in the reinforced composites industry. With forty-five years experience in the research and development of industrial linings, commercial, and residential pool linings, they have from the very beginning provided American Pool Resurfacing the most advanced technological pool resurfacing and refinishing solutions available. Constantly in tune with the ever changing industry, their unique ability to develop their already industrial leading composites has kept American Pool Resurfacing one step ahead of the competition. Our industrial, commercial, and residential liners outperform all others and we have the best warranty with the industry backing them.

American Pools Resurfacing crews travel all over the eastcoast and Mid Atlantic to meet the demand for high quality and long lasting pool resurfacing and refinishing. Our wealth of knowledge and experience gained through the years has brought us much acclaim and respect in the composites resurfacing industry. American Pools Resurfacing has been involved with projects ranging from the Patuxent Naval Station in Maryland (MD) to the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City New Jersey (NJ).


Our attention to detail is unsurpassed in the resurfacing industry. Our specially formulated resins, coupled with our innovative resurfacing techniques have put American Pools Resurfacing above the rest.


There are a variety of resins and fiberglass materials available. Beware of companies using Marine Grade resins or gel coat, they do not have the proper concrete bonding capabilities and they do not hold up in chemically treated swimming pool water. However, our resins are pure with no added fillers. They have been specifically designed for use in chemically treated water. Their reputation is wellknown, and long standing.


The heartbeat of our company is resurfacing. Throughout our history, we have worked with some of the largest resin manufacturing companies in the United States. We have worked with different types of resins: Vinylester and Polyester as well as Epoxy finishes. Over the years, the resins and epoxies have become better. With years of experience as our guide, and extensive research with world renowned manufacturers, American Pools Resurfacing has come up with two long lasting and affordable pool and spa resurfacing solutions, our top of the line AMERI PROCESS® and our state of the art AquaGuard 5000 Epoxy Refinishing System® .

American Pools Resurfacing’s innovative pool and spa resurfacing techniques have created a long list of satisfied commercial and residential customers. Our list includes hotels, motels, swim clubs, condominiums, residential communities, and commercial municipal pools. We have worked in New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), West Virginia (WV), North Carolina (NC) and South Carolina (SC), and we are available for any job on the east coast of the United States.

Contact us by phone at 1-877-89-POOLS, through our web site, or for a free quote or more information.

No matter the size or shape of your pool, in the long run fiberglass resurfacing saves you time and money by improving your pool's quality and look, and reducing maintenance costs.

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