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Pool Refinishing with AquaGuard®


AquaGuard® 5001 Sealer

Our AquaGuard® 5001 Sealer® is a 100% solids epoxy primer. It is a two-component system; Resin and Hardener. AquaGuard 5001® is a very low viscosity, solvent free, epoxy resin curing agent based on the new light colored breakthrough in phenalkamine technology. Designed especially for 100% solids coatings, has an excellent balance of cure speed and it has pot life, which enables coatings to be applied with conventional spray equipment, and provide an increased application window for the heavy duty protective coatings industry.

AquaGuard 5001®has superior water resistance, and outstanding adhesion to marginally prepared surfaces (including rusty, cold, wet or damp surfaces). Its superior corrosion resistance and outstanding adhesion properties allow for a perfect base coat for our AquaGuard 5000®.

We apply one or two coats depending on the porosity of the surface. 100% solids epoxy primers, direct to metal, concrete, masonary, mastics, and mid-coats for marine (especially ballast tanks and edge retentive areas), industrial maintenance, tank, pipe, and railcar applications. Coatings may be tinted.

AquaGuard 5000® Finish

Our AquaGuard 5000 Epoxy System® is a chemical resistant protective coating for pool and spa surfaces and other aquatic features such as fountains and water slides. Our high tech AquaGuard 5000® is formulated for adhesion to steel, concrete, or fiberglass surfaces. It is reinforced with proprietary additives for physical strength, adhesion, and flexibility. This is a two component system resin activator. Our AquaGuard 5000® is a High performance 100% solids, epoxy phenolic resin with proprietary alkali curing agents. It is formulated as a high-build system three layered coat roll on process, or a single coat spray application. The result is a beautiful protective finish rich in texture and color with less maintenance, less chemical usage, and less time and resources needed to clean your pool.

Your final surface will be a thick (30-60mill) durable, wear-resistant, smooth non-porous finish. With excellent bonding strength, our AquaGuard 5000® bonds to your existing pool surface in excess of 3000 PSI, while strengthening concrete and sealing leaks. There is no fiber glass cloth required in the process, leaving you with a clean seam free look. Our AquaGuard 5000® is available in 6 texture rich colors: White, GulfStream Blue, Bimini Blue, Standard Blue, Black, and Grey. We offer a 10 year roll on, and a 15 year spray on material warranty. Our warranties are the best in the industry.

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No matter the size or shape of your pool, in the long run pool refinishing with AquaGuard® saves you time and money by improving your pool's quality and look, and reducing maintenance costs.

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